Triplets Ghetto Kids Invited to Qatar World Cup (All Expenses Paid)

Triplets Ghetto Kids Invited to Qatar World Cup (All Expenses Paid)

Uganda dance group, Triplets Ghetto Kids are excited after being given an all-expense paid trip to attend the 2022 FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

The Ghetto Kids landed the opportunity following a video they recorded a while back as they displayed their creativity in expressing what they anticipate the World Cup to be like.

Triplets Ghetto Kids
Triplets Ghetto Kids

The clip went viral and reached the right and well-placed individuals who were impressed by the kids’ skit and picked interest in them thus offering them a visit to the World Cup hosting nation.

Upon arrival at the Qatar airport, they were treated to a lit welcome before they were taken to other dignitaries who offered them some goodies.

The kids have so far taken time to visit different towns and football stadiums where the world’s most prestigious showpiece tournament will be taking place.

“Ghetto Kids @ghettokidsug for World Cup in Qatar . They made a fun video of the upcoming Qatar World Cup and it landed at the right places. They have been invited to Qatar for the World Cup 2022 all expenses paid. They have marketed Uganda with their creativity”- one posted.

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