Uganda Martyrs University Students share their Experiences on Managing Academics and Business

Story By Mbabazi Hildah

Many University students faced the challenge of managing business and academics. This was caused by a number of factors for example limited time , inadequate capital and lack of best business ideas.

However, some students of Uganda Martyrs University Nkozi have beaten odds to set up successful businesses and at the same time do well in academics. Most of these businesses were set up in the trading center during the Covid-19 lockdown.

I managed to interview some of the students who have different types of businesses and they shared with me their experiences.

Benon Gakwaya operates a mobile money business

Gakwaya’s dream to pursue a business course was halted due to lack of enough money to pay tuition. He, therefore, opted for a bachelor’s Degree in Agriculture.

The idea to start up a business came after his graduation as he wanted re-embark on his business management course idea.

He had a discussion with his parents and decided to get a loan from Sacco and start up the mobile money business which is now bringing more profits to him.

He is now able to pay for his tuition using the profits. He appreciated the fellow students and the staff of Nkozi who have supported him throughout and they are still giving him that much support and not forgetting the Nkozi trading center which is located in a strategic area that brings more customers.

Balancing academics and business

Digital learning has greatly helped Gakwaya to study and at the same time run a business. Whenever he is needed physically to attend classes and do exams, he closes the business for a short period of time.

This is Benon Gakwaya the mobile money owner which operates from Nkozi trading center. Video by Mbabazi Hildah.

Kaija Francis Adrian owns Katonga Supermarket.

Kaija Francis Adrian who owns Katonga supermarket which is located in katonga Hostel narrates that starting up such a business was the best thing that has ever happened to his life because he always had a dream of being the boss for himself not working for others The supportive population of the students has also made his business progress steadily.

Balancing academics and Business.

He has managed to run the business and at the same time studying whereby the university introduced Electronic learning which was easy for him to attend zoom classes while running the business.

When it came to physical classes, he would leave in a friend while he is in class or doing papers and sometimes he would close the business to attend classes first.

This is Kaija Francis Adrian the owner of Katonga Supermarket.Video by Mbabazi Hildah.

Immaculate Allen owns an online business for clothes.

I also managed to get a conversation with a hard-working lady who does her business of clothes online and she is known as Immaculate Allen a student who specialized in business marketing and according to her , she came up with this business idea because of her passion and love for fashion.

Managing academics and a business.

Since she runs an online business then it has favored her to attend her classes and at the same time attend to her customers because most people order for the clothes they want and her delivery man takes charge of everything until the clothes are delivered safely.

This is her official Instagram account page which people use to see the different types of clothes she sells.Photo by Mbabazi Hildah.
These are some of the clothes on her instagram page and also some of the students who have supported her business .Photo by Mbabazi Hildah.
This is the conversation I had with Miss Allen via what’s the app about her online business of clothes.
This is the advice she gave to students who want to start-up businesses. Photo by Mbabazi Hildah.
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