Ugandans Abroad maybe Looking for Greener Pastures from a Desert

By Acaye Deacon Bronx on July, 1, 2019

Ugandans in UAE
Sharifa Nalubega, a young Ugandan girl stranded in Sharjah -UAE: COURTESY PHOTO

Ugandans seeking ‘greener pastures’ (voluntary slavery) abroad commonly known as “kubakyeyo” or “Basama” especially in the Arab Countries and other parts of the world are finding it hard to cope with the weather and the conditions at their workplaces.

According to Times magazine of November 8, 2018, many Ugandans abroad are suffering in silence because upon reaching their work destination, those that smuggled them to these countries confiscate their passports and instead turn them into slaves doing unethical things like working in brothels, drug trafficking and some end up having their vital body organs like the kidney among others removed and sold to readily available wealthy buyers.

Very few have benefited from the business as most who escape the ruthless hands of the Asian return empty handed and end up poor and jobless back in Uganda. Others cry for help for a return visa from the very poor people s/he left behind.

Of resent, it has become a lucrative business for persons and companies involved in taking Ugandans to work abroad whereby to qualify, one has to  part with registration fees which vary and some have other unrealistic charges that drain people of their hard earned money.

Ugandans in UAE
Ugandans getting ready to go and work in UAE. Registered companies can help in safeguarding rights Ugandans working abroad.: COURTESY PHOTO

According to the the SUN’ , a reputable research organization, in its report of the companies that take people abroad, only 6 are registered but most people go through unregistered companies and individuals who smuggle them in containers and in other clandestine ways, but when they get in problems, these companies disown them. Some go as students, pilgrims and others as businessmen.

Many Ugandans abroad suffer from the realms of their foreign masters day by day but the Uganda government has also not done enough in making follow ups on its citizens abroad to know their conditions of work yet it has bilateral agreements with some of these host countries.

Ugandans planning to seek work abroad should think twice before falling into this trap.  Those seeking to work abroad should ensure that they are taken by registered companies and possess all the right verifications.

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