Uganda’s Pre-intern Doctors Take Stand: Promising to Undress as a Protest against Delayed Deployment

Uganda’s Pre-intern Doctors Take Stand: Promising to Undress as a Protest against Delayed Deployment

In Uganda, a group of pre-intern doctors has reached a breaking point in their struggle with delayed deployment and has resorted to an unconventional form of protest.

Frustrated by the government’s lack of response to their plight, these doctors have vowed to walk naked on June 5th if their demands are not met.

Shamim Nambassa, a pharmaceutical pre-intern doctor and former Makerere University Guild president, took to social media to rally her fellow colleagues. In a post, she declared, “This time round we shall undress.” Shamim’s courageous stance has gained attention and support from her peers, including Dr. Anyama Berliner, former Gulu University Guild president, who has also pledged to march without clothing.

The discontent among the pre-intern doctors has been building for some time. Last month, Shamim herself was arrested for leading a strike to demand answers from the government. Dr. Anyama also faced the wrath of the Uganda Police Force during a demonstration in Gulu city.

Despite numerous attempts to find a resolution, the government has remained silent, leaving the pre-medical interns feeling neglected and betrayed. In response, they have designated June 5th as “Bloody Monday” for their upcoming protest. The doctors accuse the government of making empty promises and failing to address their concerns.

In early May 2023, the State Minister for Higher Education, Hon John Chryestom Muyingo, disclosed that a committee had been established to draft a policy aimed at addressing student unrest.

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However, this development has done little to alleviate the frustration of the pre-intern students, who believe the government’s response is inadequate.

As tensions escalate, the pre-intern doctors are prepared to take drastic measures to draw attention to their cause.

Their commitment to a nude protest reflects the desperation and urgency they feel in their fight for timely deployment. The ball is now in the government’s court to heed their demands and find a swift resolution to the ongoing crisis.

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