A Snap Shot into Accounting-IAS 37.

A Snap Shot into Accounting-IAS 37.

BCOM, BBA, CPA AND ACCA, accounting students and Any Other Accounting Practitioners.

Understanding IAS 37-Provisions, Contingent Assets and Contingent Liabilities.


A provision is a liability of uncertain timing and amount.

The objective of IAS 37 is to specify the accounting treatment for provisions- This accounting standard brings about consistence in the making of provisions in the financial statements.

We recognize a provision if a reliable estimate can be made.

IAS 37 stipulates the recognition criteria in the financial statements for Provisions which is;

  • There must be a present obligation as a result of past event and;
  • It is probable that an outflow of economic benefits will be required to settle the obligation.
  • A reliable estimate can be made.

When such conditions exist, the entries in the financial statements will be as follows;

          Dr  Expense when provision is created

                   Cr  Provision (Liability).

Contigent Liabilities

These are not recognized in the Financial Statements hence no double entry is passed unless; there is information regarding the same then only disclosed in the notes to the financial statements.

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