Urgent Call for Swift Deployment of Pre-medical Interns by UMA

Urgent Call for Swift Deployment of Pre-medical Interns by UMA

The Uganda Medical Association (UMA) finds itself at the forefront of a pressing issue as they demand immediate action from the government regarding the deployment of pre-medical interns. Dr. Edith Nakku-Joloba, the passionate president of UMA, emphasizes the criticality of addressing this matter promptly, highlighting the potential collapse of the country’s medical sector if the interns remain undeployed.

In an impassioned plea, Dr. Nakku-Joloba outlines two crucial requests from the medical community. Firstly, she implores the government to expedite the deployment of interns, emphasizing the urgency of the situation. Secondly, she advocates for an increase in the pay allocated to associate consultants, recognizing their valuable contribution to the healthcare system.

Joel Mirembe, UMA’s chairperson for the central region, echoes Dr. Nakku-Joloba’s concerns, highlighting the detrimental impact of the delayed deployment on the overall health system. Ordinary citizens are being deprived of proper medical treatment, and it is evident that the situation needs immediate attention and resolution.

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While UMA appreciates the government’s commitment to resolving the challenges faced by medical interns and senior house workers, the association remains steadfast in their demand for swift action. Minister of Finance, Matia Kasaija, announced during the budget reading for the financial year 2023/2024 that the government has allocated approximately 22 billion to clear outstanding arrears for medical interns and senior house officers. However, the plan for the pre-medical interns, whose deployment is still pending, was not disclosed.

Pre-medical interns have languished at home for nearly a year, eagerly awaiting deployment by the Ministry of Health. The ministry has attributed the delay to a lack of funds to facilitate the interns, and as an alternative solution, they have called upon those who can sponsor internships to apply for deployment.

As the story unfolds, it becomes a race against time to secure the future of Uganda’s healthcare. The UMA continues to advocate for the immediate deployment of pre-medical interns, ensuring that they can contribute their knowledge and skills to the healthcare system. The stakes are high, and the impact of this decision will resonate throughout the country’s medical landscape.

Will the government respond to the urgent plea from the medical association? Can they find a sustainable solution to address the financial challenges and enable the deployment of these aspiring medical professionals? Only time will tell as Uganda’s healthcare system hangs in the balance, awaiting a resolution that could shape its future.

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