US Pastor Poisoning 50,000 Ugandans with Bleach “Miracle Cure”

US Pastor Poisoning 50,000 Ugandans with Bleach “Miracle Cure”

Is it poor policies or desperation? Uganda has been a victim of dangerous chemicals, counterfeit and scam since time immemorial.

A Ugandan woman feeding her baby with the ‘bleach cure’: COURTESY PHOTO

From expired foodstuffs, to fake electronics not forgetting china phones era.

And now this; Over 50,000 Ugandans have fallen prey of an “effective alternative healing.” for chronic illnesses like Ebola and Hiv.

Get a few dollars and you capable of taking advantage of many Ugandans. The impoverishment in Uganda can’t spare most Ugandans from taking poisonous substances in the naming of getting a silver coin.

To entice his followers, an American Uganda-based pastor is offering brand new smartphones to all who wish to spread the ‘bleach cure idea’

After sipping some of the liquid, a baby with malaria in one of the promotional videos is seen screaming confusedly.

According to The Guardian reports, the people behind the scam are Robert Baldwin and Sam Little, pastor from New Jersey and former “clairvoyant” from Britain respectively.

The duo have been distributing their “miracle mineral solution” (MMS) to churches throughout Uganda.

Deadly solution

The bleach cure is made out of the mixture of sodium chlorite and citric acid (which mix to produce the bleach known as chlorine dioxide) gets into the country via China, and Baldwin has personally convinced 1,200 clerics to administer the poison.

Although Baldwin trained as a student nurse back in his native country, He has no expertise whatsoever medical or laboratory to qualify him to come up with such a mixture.


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