Victoria University Introduces Trimester System

Victoria University Introduces Trimester System

Victoria University (VU) Kampala Uganda has in 2023 introduced a new learning follow up. This learning involves the trimester study where a year of study has three semesters.

This was introduced in a zoom meeting which involved administrators and students of Victoria University which took place on 1st march 2023.

The information was later passed on to students through their students emails and it read,” This is to kindly inform you that VU is going to change from the current system to a modular trimester with effect from March.

Though there is an increment in the time of study, the total fees structure for each programme per year will not change. Under this new arrangement, the fees for the whole year will be subdivided and paid based on the new three trimesters, with the annual functional fees being paid in full each first trimester of the year for each student.

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