What next if you don’t get a job after graduation

What next if you don’t get a job after graduation

Today a number of graduates from Makerere University went on streets to demonstrate over failure to get jobs after campus. Every year, different universities around the country release thousands of graduates and the job market cant take in all of them. Instead of running on the streets, there are certain things you can do to earn a living, prepare yourself for a better job or start you own business and even employ others.  Here are some of those things you can do.


Most students want to get high paying jobs immediately after campus something that rarely happens. Get a company, volunteer with them and learn what they do. Most employees ask for work experience which you will not have immediately after campus so with With this, you will be able to build your CV. Volunteering might also earn you a job in that particular company as they will give you first priority in case of a job opportunity.

Image result for photo of african volunteers"Volunteering could give you your next job

Apply for jobs

Apply as much as you can and in any field. Its not written anywhere that you always have to get a job in the field you studied. Apply in any filed and in any position. The reason most people don’t get jobs is because they always aim for senior positions and ignore the small positions yet its easier to get them. start from down, work hard and the senior position will come.

Start a business 

You don’t need millions to start up a business, we have seen people start with as low as Ughs 20,000 and make it highly in the business world. Some of the cheapest businesses to start are service business. You need water, a detergent and squeezer to start a cleaning company. Walk around offices and ask for a chance to clean for them. You can explore other service business.

Learn a skill

People with skills are among the highly paid in Uganda, get someone to teach you bakery, tailoring,hairstyling or any other skill of your interest. This skill will help you start your own business and even employ others with time. Even if you get a job, you decide to have it as a side hustle.

Image result for photos of africans baking" Learn a skill

Join the open jobs in the market

Some of the open jobs on the market include marketing jobs, these are willing to take anyone at any time. Every company in Uganda needs a marketer  and are willing to pay them a certain percentage for their efforts. Doing marketing is hectic but will help you meet a lot of people who might be your next employers, you will also be able to earn some money.

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