What students can do to pass examinations

What students can do to pass examinations

Examination is an evaluation to prove that anyone have gained knowledge, skills, and understanding of a field or subject of study. This can be tested in various forms that is to say written, oral, practical and many.

Passing examinations, its not an easy task for many students in all levels of education and it is one of the primary aspects of academic success.

According to Ibrahim Ashraf one of the students in the Islamic university in Uganda (IUIU) with first class said attending all classes and taking notice, break down the studying into smaller chucks and allocate enough time for each subject can help a student to pass highly.

“Practice past exam questions will help students to familiarize with the exam format and identify areas the student needs to improve,” Ashraf said.

This is the the audios of Ibrahim Ashraf on the issue and giving more clarification.


The picture of Nanyombi Faridah

According to Nanyombi Faridah an ex student from the Islamic University in Udanda Mbale branch said, students must join a reading group. Find out people who like reading, and make friends with them, make sure you are punctual to your group’s reading schedule and never allow a single miss for reading,” Nanyombi said.

“After reading, before a student go for the exams, can ask friends in reading group to ask certain questions within and outside all you studied and see how well can answer those questions,” she explained.

“Apart from answering questions from friends, a student can also organize his or her own personal quiz and see how well can attend to them. If there’s anything you forget, you can always make references to your reading materials and conduct several revisions before the exam starts,” she added.

When Nanyombi Faridah was concluding said there’s no specific time to start reading, some students are fond of reading only when the exam is close, there will always be limited time reading all the course units the student will have to write, especially for students studying in universities with tight exam timetable.


According to Mutyaba Abdullah, Choosing the good environment where students carry out their studies can also influence their ability to write well in exams and make good grades.

“This is evident from the way a majority of the students prefer a certain location to study for exams. Some students will prefer to read in the classroom while others will always go to the library to read books,” Mutyaba explained.

“Having an achievement every semester, has helped many students to determine what they want and working towards it to achieve success. It could be that a student want to score high grade, can be specific in the grade he or she want,” Mutyaba concluded.

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