When a relationship breaks up, the night becomes too long than never

When a relationship breaks up, the night becomes too long than never

To everyone out there that has ever had their heart broken

Most of the time it is the worst pain in the world to be heart broken. That time when you feel like you are robbed of a future that will never happen again.

You even start doubting yourself as if it was your fault, and the worst part is the emptiness you feel inside that is the void that person used to fill.

You keep wondering and asking yourself the question in your mind of why. You think over and over in your head what you ever told the person. You replay in your head over and over what you want to say or should have said to them.

And then the night becomes too long than never, the bed is so big like you can imagine and you are there alone. But you will survive. That is not the end of the world. You will be strong again someday.

And if you could hug everyone that hurts so much as mentioned above you would. But its the love in your heart that you once have that makes the dream of love so worth it.

Never again give your heart to just anyone. Never again trust until that person proves they will take your heart and love it just as you would love theirs.

Learn from your past mistakes in relationships when possible but never ever loose faith in yourself.The night may be long but the sun will always rise from the East and not the West.

Love may be foolish but its so worth it in the end. It’s better to gladly get your heart broken a thousand times if it means you will have it loved in the end. And if you can not hold it any more, feel free to seek for online counseling. Also read: Benefits of online couple counseling

Peace, love, hope, and dreams. They are the goodness of this world and throwing them away would be the greatest tragedy of all.

Take care of each other and above all, Love each other and do your best not to break anyone’s hearts.

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