Why Relationships Among Young Couples Fail Today

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Falling in love is easy but making that relationship to last long is another harder task.

It takes lots of sacrifices, compromises, and commitments to keep a relationship alive. It’s more than just giving your heart and time to your partner to explore the beauty of life together.

Yes! It looks so good in the beginning, but after a few days, it slowly starts to fall into pieces with each passing day for seemingly no reason.

At one point, you might be left wondering why things didn’t work out.

You should understand that relationships are not static as people involved in it change over time.

The issue of failed relationships has become quite common. But why do a lot of relationships fail easily these days?

We gave a little close thought to figure out why relationships fail and below are some reasons .

Loyalty and Commitment. Many relationships especially among the youths and young people lack the foundation of loyalty and commitment which makes them prone to breakups.

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Poor selection and incompatibility of partners. Unlike in the traditional society where most marriages were arranged, today everyone gets to choose who to hook up with and most times lending a deaf ear to outside counsel.

Lack of a solid foundation. Most young people enter into a relationship for fun and exploring. The intoxic relationships explain the increased number of single parents as their counter parts shy away from responsibilities.The excitement of growing up has landed many youths into love-related challenges as they strive to show off their independence.

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Erosion of values. Life is far much different in the modern society that no value is attached to a person’s purity and sanctity. Most youths lack a sex orientation that can guide their future love affairs. Parents have done little to help the situation leaving their children to venture and make discoveries of their own.

As a result, young people get heart breaks at the tender age developing some sort of bad feeling towards love; taking it as a mere formality.

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Even in committed relationships or marriages, where young people are involved, it is a total mess. At first it is all love showering and tender touches in public but midway things turn upside down reaching even extremes like violence and murder.

Poor example. Old marriage couples have not acted exemplary. Even those in their 70s are divorcing or even having domestic violence in their marriages. Should we say that since no fruit falls away from the tree, young people are emulating their elders? If so, this is even worse because they hardly reach the marriage level and the ones that do hardly stand for three years.Image result for DIVORCE

Delusional love( The Romeo and Juliet effect). Many young people learn love from soap operas and movies. They tend to apply the same and expect their partners to compliment it just like Romeo to Juliet. It is not LOVE. It is LUST or desire for ENJOYMENT.  Desire to try out what happens in your delusional world.Image result for young black couple fight

Some teenagers even elope because they are constrained to be with their ‘love’. The happiness is short-lived however, mistrust, cheating, violence and financial struggles make it hard for the relationship to last. Most are just locked into the relationship due to unplanned pregnancies but not because they want to start up a family with their partners.

With babies in the picture, they cling onto the affair but with nothing else to fasten their grip on, eventually, they let loose and leave the relationship and return home when bad comes to worse.Image result for young black couple fight

There is already too much at stake. To help the situation, there is a need for a collaborative effort. Government, Schools, Families, Religions and other parties need to step up for the current generation.

Otherwise the marriage institution is at the verge of phasing out.

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