Why you need a real Estate agent

Why you need a real Estate agent

To cut costs, most people opt to searching for land, houses or rentals on their own hence neglecting a a real estate agent. A real estate agent is defined as a person or firm who arranges transactions between a buyer and a seller for a commission when the deal is executed. Below are some of the reasons you need a real estate agent.

To get the best option  

It’s no doubt real estate’s agent are connected (they know of every land being sold, everyone one selling and the prices) which you may not be able to do alone as you aren’t as connected.

Paul Muziransa a real estate’s agent in Mukono notes that notes that they will help you check from a variety of choices as they usually know everything on market in their locality.

They will help you bargain

Just to have their commission and get the deal done, real estate’s agents will even help you bargain with the owner hence buying the land at a cheaper price than you doing it alone. Besides that these people know everything about each and every one on the area, they will tell you if the land has disputes or not something you may not know if done alone.

And for those selling, a real estate’s agent will help you with pricing as they know how much each property should cost. On top of that, they will bring for you buyers who will pay money worth your property.

“They will also advertise your property at no cost. A real estate’s agent will do everything possible to make a sale,” he says.

Quick sale and quick buy

Peter Kyobe a real estate agent in Nansana notes that they will help you acquire a property in the shortest time possible since it’s their field of expertise. And for those selling, you will get your property sold in the shortest time possible since they meet a lot of people.

Get the perfect choice

Kyobe adds that as long as you describe the kind of property you want, a real estate agent will get it for you, and this may be hard to do on your own because in most cases you don’t know where these properties are located.

Paper work

Muziransa notes that an agent will help you in paper work, this will save you the trouble of running back and forth to get the necessary documents for the property.


Things to consider when choosing a real estate agent

They should be registered

Kyobe notes that a genuine real estate’s agent should be fully registered and with a working license in their area of operation. Make sure they also have a valid identity card and should have an office where you can find them in case you need them.

“Some people deal with local brokers who cheat and run away, something that tarnishes our names yet most of us are genuine,” he adds.

They work on commission

Learn that real estate agents work on commission and if their deal is done, give them the agreed amount. Muziransa notes that some people change their minds after getting the money forgetting what the agent went through in getting the property sold or bought.

Keep time

You should know that real estate agents don’t show a property to one person, if you have liked the it pay a deposit or you will find it taken,

“Some people tell you they will come back but don’t and others take long, so I show the same property to a variety of people and the one who pays first takes it,” he says.

Sign a contract For any kind of engagement whether small or big, make a written agreement to avoid future

Watch the video below to better understand the importance of a real estate agent

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