Why you need to exercise

Why you need to exercise

Exercising is good for everyone including children. Keeping fit will help you avoid diseases like obesity, heart problems and more. It will also prevent you from frequent illnesses hence keeping you healthy. You should have 1 hour of exercising every day, 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the evening.

Ivan Kyeyune a gym instructor tell us about the importance of exercising.

They keep you fit

Exercises will keep your body fit and strong, they will also help you develop strong bones and muscles to keep the body firm and healthy. Some of the exercises that will strengthen your bones and muscles include; skipping, running and walking, jogging, weight lifting etc.

Reduces on body fats

Gorret Betty Mbabazi a nurse notes that exercising makes people sweat and in the process they burn extra calories eventually reducing on the fats in the body.

Good blood circulation

She adds that exercising helps the body function well, they opens all the body tissues and removes unnecessary dirt through sweating. They prevent blockages hence increasing on blood circulation in the body. Cardio exercises are best for this, they include; running, swimming, jogging among others.

How to exercise

Kyeyune notes that it’s better to exercise twice a day, early in the morning and in the evening hours, this will help create a regular routine as well as cut fats you will have absorbed during day in the evening.

The best exercises can be running, walking, skipping, playing games like (football, volley ball net ball basketball) riding a bicycle and walking jogging, sit ups, stretches, swimming, weight lifting among others.

He adds that you don’t need to wear yourself up when running, it should be gentle. Make sure the place you are running from is safe in terms of security and topography.

Avoid dangerous exercises

Avoid exercises that will cause accidents, for example lifting weights that are beyond your capacity, vigorous running, doing exercise that are against your medical condition (e.g swimming for people with asthma without a doctors guidance) among others.

Eat healthy

On top of exercising, eat healthy foods as well, eat plenty of fruits, drink a lot of water or juice to keep the body hydrated, eat vegetables and embrace local food like posho, beans, fish and much more

“Junk and oily foods aren’t good for your health because they increase on the fats hence exercising being useless,” says Mbabazi.

Sick people

Mbabazi adds that people with medical conditions should only exercise on a doctor’s guidance,

“You will do random exercises that will instead increase your condition than curing it, some people ask advice from gym instructors who in most cases know nothing about which exercise heals what disease,” she notes adding that you should discontinue a certain type of exercise in case it bring continuous side effects.

She advises everyone especially women, the elderly and the sick to embrace exercising as it’s the number one therapy to treating every diseases or disorder.

here is a video on the importance of exercising to the body


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