why you should have mushrooms on your diet

why you should have mushrooms on your diet


By Iga Samuel Matovu

Mushrooms,call them  fly agaric are fungi ,they  are over 14000 species.only 300 are edible and 700 species are known for medicinal uses.Mushrooms are good for health and adds great texture and flavor to food.
mushrooms contain very useful nutrients that the body can’t do without.They can be eaten when they are dry or when  fried

  • Mushrooms are low in calorie and being that they are fibre, they are low in fats and this makes mushrooms ideal for people who want to reduce weight.
  • Mushrooms are excellent sources of potassium, an important mineral that aids in maintaining normal fluid balance in the body which helps control blood pressure and the risks of stroke.
  • Mushrooms contain selenium which is an important anti-oxidant that protects the body cells from heart diseases and some types of cancer.
  • Mushrooms are rich in iron which is responsible for production of hemoglobin and oxygenation of red blood cells.
  • Mushrooms contain substant amount of copper that is essential in making red blood cells.
  • Mushrooms also contain Ergothioneine, a naturally occurring anti-oxidant that helps to protect the body’s cells.
  •  Mushrooms provide a great source of dietery fibre that helps in digestion.
  • Mushrooms contain Niacin (B3) which helps promote a health skin and ensures the digestive system and the nervous system function normally.
  •  Mushrooms are a good source of vitamin B that aids growth and reproduction of hair, skin, nails and alleviates eye fatigue and sores around the mouth.

However, there are some species of mushrooms that may cause discomfort to the body though not considered deadly.


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