Innovative Minds Juggling Work and Studies

Innovative Minds Juggling Work and Studies

In a way of making ends meet, students struggle to create different job opportunities, and this is done in the University and places around, and as well along Nsambya Ggaba Road to raise the money to pay tuition and to buy themselves the necessities which will help finish up the University.

Allen Turyasiima (28) years who study Law at Kampala International University makes sure that she sells fruits in different offices of the University to raise half of the money in the course she is doing (Bachelors of Legal Laws(LLB).

A picture showing Allen Turyasima (28) student at Kampala International University
parking her fruits to put them at market


I pay myself money for tuition out of the fruits that I sell in the offices at Kampala International University that is 1 million plus 750000 for the payment of hostel dues.

“I started up a small retail shop in the University that sells prepared juice and fruits and am planning to make it at the level of the supermarket,” she said.

“I also pay up my workers and of which two are women and one male and I pay 150000 to my female workers and 4000 to my male worker that brings up the fruits that I use.”

“This job opportunity has indeed helped me to sustain my life and buy some stuff as a lady,” she added.


The major challenge is in the change of the weather because it has to be hot for me to work the money but in most cases when it rains it makes me lose my money and brings a loss to my business which is a threat.

Many students undermine my job saying it is below my standard doing Law at the University I shouldn’t be selling fruits.

Desire wander who lives in Muyenga is also one of the students that do the creative work together with her sister and put them on market for sell to raise the money to be used at the University, things created from the Art and craftwork include bangles, baskets, door mats and other quality stuff from the threads as seen in the video.
Richard Wasswa one of the finalist students of Mass communication has managed to get his tuition money from Nsambya Carpentry

Map of Kampala International University and nearby places where students allocate their businesses

General Recommendations of the public on how students can work and also continues studying in order to complete their education.

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