Your life style could led to obesity

Your life style could led to obesity

Obesity is described as the state of being grossly fat or overweight. Medical experts note that the main cause of obesity today is the kind of life style we lead. Here are a few life styles that could lead to obesity and how to avoid them

Eating junk food

Gorret Betty Mbabazi a nurse notes that 90 per cent of the people today especially women love eating junk foods as opposed to the local ones. Junk food has a lot of calories/ fats. Mbabzi advises that you limit the kind of junk you eat, replace them with vegetables, fruits, water and garden food.

Lack of exercise

Exercises not only keep one in shape but also helps them burn calories that would lead to obesity. Exercising increases the rate of blood circulation in the body, reduces the risk of contracting diseases like heart attacks, regulates diabetes by controlling sugar levels among others.

Mbabazi says that exercises start from simple stretches as you wake in the morning, walking a reasonable distance, dancing, doing simple squats, sit ups, meditation for a Peace of mind among others.

Activities we engage in

She adds that most introverts prefer staying in doors, watch a movie, get a taxi to work, sit on their desk whole day and this continues day in day out. Did you know that this kind of life is very dangerous for your health?

“Take time and walk on your way to campus or work, stand once in a while and stretch on your desk, embrace out door activities to make your body more active,” she advises.

For more information, watch the video below.

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