Zimbabwe goes to the polls first time in post-Mugabe election

Zimbabwe goes to the polls first time in post-Mugabe election
Zimbabwe has held its very first election after its liberation from Robert Mugabe‘s authoritarian rule last year with allegations of ballot fraud. Mugabe was 94 years at the time and had led the country for 37 years since it’s  independence from British colonial rule in 1980.
Candidates: Emmerson Mnangagwa and Chamisa
Candidates: Emmerson Mnangagwa and Nelson Chamisa: DAILY MAIL PHOTO


Tense competition is between the now acting President, Emmerson Mnangagwa , 75, who was also Mugabe’s former ally in the ruling ZANU-PF party and opposition leader Nelson Chamisa, 40, of the MDC (Movement for Democratic Change)


According to the  Afrobarometer survey of 2,400 people,  40 percent are in favor of Mnangagwa whereas 37 percent go for  Chamisa. However, 20 percent are still undecided.


Although Mnangagwa is a former ZANU-PF elite and is accused of involvement in election violence and fraud under Mugabe, he pledges a fresh start for the country. He has a step into democracy by inviting international observers — including the previously-banned European Union team to witness the elections and a report from the EU team after the elections.

Polling station officials are seen preparing
Polling station officials  preparing for the general elections at a polling station in Mbare, Harare, on July 29, 2018. AFP PHOTO

However, Chamisa have hopes in the young population that could vote for change even with Managwa having the army support.

Yesterday, Ex-president Mugabe shocked the world with an anti-ZANU-PF speech at his Harare mansion when he said that he hoped the poll would  “thrust away the military form of government.”

“I cannot vote for those who tormented me,” Mugabe said.

Chamisa defended himself on Managwa’s claim that Mugabe’s remark manifest a collaboration between the two to oust him.

“I have nothing to do with what president Mugabe would want to say as a voter. He is a citizen.” Chamisa assured.

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