Makerere University Lecturer Suspended over Sexual Harassment

Makerere University Lecturer Suspended over Sexual Harassment

A lecturer at Makerere University and faculty registrar at the college of Computing and Information Science, Edward Kisule has been suspended.

He is allegedly accused of sexually harassing Rachel Njoroge, a former student at the college who graduated in January 2018.

In a letter written and signed by Makerere university Vice Chancellor, Prof. Barnabas  Nawangwe, Kisule is to stop working with the university and will receive only half of his salary until the investigations are concluded.

This follows a public release of  a photo that has been circulating on social media where the lecturer was involved in an unethical romantic act with Rachel Njoroge.

In a written confession, Njoroge brokenly narrated of this gruesome encounter with the lecturer when she had come to pick her transcript after graduation but Kisule allegedly locked her up in his office.

“I Njoroge Rachel Njeri came to Makerere university on 13/4/2018 to certify my transcript and pick my recommendation letter and was referred to room 507 for help but I was  told to wait…later in the evening I was given the transcript but as I was trying to look through, the man who gave it to me turned to be inhuman,” she narrates.

Although in the photo, the face of the lecturer was hidden, the information availed by Njoroge was enough to pin him since he has been acting as the faculty registrar and the one who occupied the above office.

Makerere University has faced many instances of lecturers sexually assaulting their students promising them better marks but the most affected are those from the Faculty of Economics, Mathematics and Accounts.

The most recent case is an investigative story by NTV that ended when a one lecturer, Kk was expelled from the university for sexually harassing his student who decided to reveal all the information to the media.

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