13 Essay Writing Topics that will Interest you

Finding inspiration and motivation for writing can be challenging, especially since there are so many interesting and thought-proving article topics you can do research on. However, a lot of students choose news topics to write about since most professors appreciate essays on contemporary subjects such as changes in US education, environment and pollution, social help, and plenty of others.

How to choose the topic to explore and expand on?

Most students struggle to choose the topic to write about because they are not sure if the subject itself will be popular with a wider audience. Therefore, what you can do is to search for article topics online on plenty of websites where people express their opinions and views in comments as well. This can help you since these posts can act as a survey, and you can analyze and present the data which people might find intriguing depending on the subject.

In case you need some serious news topics to write about, you could get some online help with tips on what to focus before you start to write. There is at least one essay writing company who serves to improve education and teach you how to select the right data and topics from an ocean of offered ones. Having a reliable essay writing service can mean since you can truly get a professional insight on the subject chosen.

Another great way to come up with topics is to talk to fellow students and check what they are interested in and what they would like to read up on. There are many articles to write about for school that would have a positive impact on education, not only in the US but in the world as well. Writing an essay on a topic that will change the society might as what be the goal you should strive for in your studies.

Which topics are the best to write about?

Many would argue that topics that can make people want to engage in debates and discussions are the best topics out there. Luckily, nowadays, we have plenty of these topics that can make people interact and actively participate in discussions and these kinds of subjects are truly appreciated in academic circles since they can help students work on personal development as well.

On the other hand, choosing subjects that demand thorough research to be done might be more time-consuming, but they can also bring a lot of great data and new results. This, on the other hand, can provoke interest and desire to explore more in scientific circles hence improving humanity and writing more essays on the subject. With the help of a professor, the student can invest time and creativity and improve researching and communication skills since it’s most likely they would be working with many people of different age groups with their peers included.

There are several contemporary issues students should focus on in order to make their peers and other people interested in their work. Among the most popular ones are love, relationship, environment as well as abortion and women’s rights. Of course, there are other topics related to sports and politics, so it is upon students to do some research and decide which subject suits them best.


What to write about love and relationships?

This is a topic that is present online on so many web pages, blogs as well as online groups. People love to discuss relationships, therefore writing an essay on a subject related to love can be interesting such as if there are some non-obvious signs that a relationship might be coming to an end or what might be the last straw that causes relationships to end.

Among the most popular subjects to discuss are the ones related to how to learn to respect a partner and show appreciation. People like to debate on red flags, but talking about green flags might be even more interesting. Additionally, article topics can include advantages and disadvantages of being single, having healthy sexual relationships as well as plenty others but below you can find some suggestions.

  1. Why are some people better off single than in a relationship? On the other hand, why some people start a new relationship as soon as they end one?
  2. How to manage the overwhelming rush of emotions in new relationships?
  3. Is the love between long-distance couples just as strong as the love between couples who can spend more time being physically intimate?
  4. What personality traits are the most cherished in the 21st century when it comes to choosing a partner and what is not so desirable?
  5. With so many dating apps available nowadays, what is the future of dating and relationships in general?

How to explore the environment and ecology?

Pollution is creating many problems all around the world, hence it’s no surprise that talking about the environment is an interesting issue and there are many articles to write about for school related to this. Students can spend a lot of time discussing what big or small things can be done to save the environment or even to protect endangered species.

What’s more, a survey can be done online on what people from different countries and continents think it should be done to cause less pollution as it might be interesting to see if people from Europe, US, Asia and other parts of the world think differently. Among the most interesting subjects is certainly the issue of overpopulation since birth rates in underdeveloped countries are increasing, whereas, in developed countries, birth rates are rather low. Additionally, here are some suggestions for article topics.

  1. What can an average person do to save the environment?
  2. Is going vegan truly helping the environment?
  3. What has caused an overall negative impact on the environment?
  4. Are electric cars good for the environment?
  5. Is it humane to use and wear fur?

Abortion and women’s rights

There are certain topics that can lead to heated discussions, and if you are aiming for one of those, news articles to write about include abortion as the latest thought-provoking essay subject, not only in the US but worldwide. Political situations in many countries are changing, and a lot of people think that we are going back in time with new laws and regulations, hence it is very important to discuss issues like this one thoroughly and find the best possible solutions while protecting the rights of women.

With the news that abortion has been banned in Alabama, people on the internet started discussing abortion once again. It has been a heated subject for years with a lot of people stating the pros and cons of it. Additionally, a subject that could be interesting involves religion as well since a lot of people believe that religion has its say in medicine and politics around the world as well. Finally, it is important to consider the difference between the US and Europe with regard to this subject because there are many facts to be explored and researched.

  1. Should abortion be illegal and should rape victims have a say on whether they want to have an abortion? Why, why not?
  2. Will physicians be able to say that pregnancy is a risk to a woman’s health in order to perform an abortion without legal consequences?
  3. Should the government have a say in whether women are allowed to have abortions?
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