Inspirational Graduation speeches: Never wait for stuff to happen but go out and make stuff to happen

In our second speech of the 5 Most Inspirational Graduation Speeches ever given, Hollywood producer & director Jerry Zucker says he graduated with no employment skills but has still made it in life. The gist of the speech is what he refers to as his 5 rules.

He challenges the new graduate not to be freaked out by the seasoned professionals and he substantiates on this reality by telling the story of Mrs. Zubatsky; who gave professional fire fighters advice by which they were able to put out a fire even when she was not a professional fire fighter.

“There are two morals to this story,” Zucker says, “one, never assume that just because it’s someone’s job, they know how to do it and two, don’t let yourself be intimidated by professionals or their uniforms.”

The celebrated movie producer says “Growing up in Wisconsin, I never knew anyone in the movie business. I never even knew anyone who knew anyone in the movie business.

That world had a mystique that made it seem unattainable to me. But, like Mrs. Zubatsky, I sat on my porch and I watched someone else do it, and I said, ‘I have a better idea.’ And like her, I seized the moment.”

He says new graduates are in a unique position because the time of graduation is a time in life when they have nothing to lose and everything they have acquired of value is locked inside them. Zucker believes such a moment in life is the most appropriate time for anyone to pursue their dreams.

“If you have a better idea, if your plan makes more sense, if you have a vision, then put down your laundry and scream a little bit. Throw your hat into the ring and never let professionals or their uniforms prevent you from telling anyone where to point their hose.” He asserts.

He also emphasizes that in life one should not wait for stuff to happen to him but should go out there and make stuff to happen.

Read Jerry Zucker’s full speech here.

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