3rd Annual HESN Photo Contest 2015

3rd Annual HESN Photo Contest 2015
3rd Annual HESN Photo Contest 2015
3rd Annual HESN Photo Contest 2015

Every summer, students and faculty from the eight Higher Education Solutions Network (HESN) Development Labs venture out into the world, serving as ambassadors of science and innovation to partner with communities and tackle the world’s toughest development challenges.

Our network engages in a variety of activities, from innovation design summits to conducting rigorous research to broaden our understanding of modern-day development.

The HESN Photo Contest is an opportunity to showcase our network’s stories. All photos are uploaded onto the Global Development Lab’s Flickr album for the public-eye to see. Last year’s album was seen by over 6,000 viewers!

This year’s prizes are:

  • First place: $500
  • Second place: $300
  • Third place: $150

Additionally, your photo has the chance to be featured (with credit) on USAID’s website and public outreach documents.

The contest closes on October 4th – apply now!

Submission guidelines:

  • Accepted formats: high quality JPG and PNG
  • High-resolution photos that are at least 1600 pixels long, which is about 200 pixels per inch (ppi). Please send us the highest resolution version of the photo you have (at least 1 MB). If you are using Photoshop, please send only level 7 or higher compressed photos.
  • Only 3 photos per contestant will be accepted; if you submit more than 3, photo contest administrators will choose 3 for you
  • Photos must each be an original submission (submitted by photographer or with permission)
  • Photos must each include a credit: name of photographer and Development Lab affiliation (if applicable), and the names of any people featured in the photograph.
  • Photos must have a caption, which includes a description of what is going on in the photo, who is involved, where and when it was taken (country tag is especially important), and how it is a part of or relates to HESN
  • Photos should tell the story of HESN, the photographer, and his/her accomplishments

To submit a photo, please send the photo(s) attached and required information to HESNphotos@gmail.com. Photo submissions due by Sunday, October 4th.

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