5 Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic (2022)

5 Free Ways to Increase  Website Traffic  (2022)

Creating/ building a website these days has become easy with CMS like WordPress etc. However, the biggest challenge is to generate Website traffic.

What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic refers to the volume of users visiting a website.

5 Free Ways to Increase  Website Traffic  (2022)
                                                                       5 Free Ways to Increase Website Traffic (2022)

In this article, we shall explore the (5) free proven techniques you can use to increase website traffic.

1. Create Multimedia Content

The more relevant content you produce, the more you’ll increase website traffic.  Publish content containing more than one form of data including- text, audio, image, animation, or video in a single presentation. The key to successful content is consistency —  you need to create regular and engaging content to ensure your brand has the exposure it needs.

How to publish Multimedia Content;

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2. Perform Keyword Research

Always include relevant keywords in your content. Keywords should be used naturally, not stuffed into the content so much that they detract from the main idea or distract the reader. It’s important to use keywords throughout the content, like the meta description, the page title, the URL, headers, and a few times throughout the piece.

3. Share Your Content on Social Media

If you’re running a website, we highly recommend having a social media(Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram etc) presence as well.  This provides you with additional channels to promote your content, engage with followers and influencers in your field, and more.

While creating these social media platforms ensure that they share the same names (titles) with the website.

4. Use Internal Links

An internal link is any link from one page on your website to another page on your website. Both your users and search engines use links to find content on your website. Your users use links to navigate through your site and to find the content they want to find. Search engines also use links to navigate your site.

5. Apply SEO Basics to Your Website

SEO is a set of best practices that help you make your website more search engine friendly. You don’t need to be an expert to improve your website.

Contrary to popular belief, anyone can do SEO for their own websites without hiring an expert. There are plenty of SEO tools and plugins, free advice, and step-by-step tutorials available that you can use.

We recommend using the All in One SEO plugin for all WordPress websites. It’s the most comprehensive SEO and website optimization tool. The free version includes all the SEO features that you will need on your website.


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