7 tips on how to exclusively Breastfeed your child for 6 months

7 tips on how to exclusively Breastfeed your child for 6 months

Charlotte Nimusiima a new mother is frustrated because baby Zoey does not get satisfied through breast feeding. She has to provide her with supplements to help boost her immunity.

As a new mother, I have used the following tips to ensure that I have a smooth flow of breast milk.

Drinking plenty of water. From the first trimester to giving birth, water was forced down my throat. When I started breastfeeding, I realized that the more fluids the better  for the baby. Water should not be limited to only warm but lukewarm and also cold helps.

Eat healthy and frequently. Breastfeeding mothers are often encouraged to eat a lot of hot foods because the warm helps the body to produce breast milk. Also remember to eat a balanced diet as different foods provide different benefits in the development of the baby.


Get regular rest and sleep. As a new mother, you will be very tired and sleepy at all times. Since the baby is up every 2 hours, ensure to take naps every time she takes one too as this will enable you have the strength you need.

Take all forms of porridge. Porridge is processed from millet, maize and soya and all these forms help a nursing mother produce enough milk for her baby.

Eat Silver fish(mukene). Silver fish like all forms of fish has proteins that help with the development of a baby as well as production of breast milk so eat it regularly.

Drink a beer a week. This has not been scientifically proven but from personal experience it helps with elevating our breast milk flow. Beer also contains barley that helps in the development of the baby so try it.

Many different methods have been used by different people but try these before you start blaming yourself for failing to give your child the nutrients they need.

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