A peaceful match to KCCA can work for MUBS students – Luyombya Godfrey

A peaceful match to KCCA can work for MUBS students – Luyombya Godfrey
Luyombya Godfrey
Luyombya Godfrey

Greetings to you all. To my understanding I think people rarely spot the difference between a ‪‎Strike‬ and a Demonstration‬.

Students’ voices need to act and come up with the Petition which shall be addressed to various stake holders including Ms. Jennifer S Musisi, the Director Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) and this can be done in a peaceful way while matching to KCCA HeadQuarters/Chambers.

Those with papers can do and those without should save the rest. Its a matter of preparing your gown and demonstrate through your Leader.

We have done the documentation for Ages about the issue of lights but all in vain. This is a wake up call to them through the numbers that shall follow the delegation to the Kampala Capital City Authority – KCCA.

In reference to the one you heard about scrapping off some MUBS courses we expect it to be the same but a peaceful one. Its either Today or Never.

For those Doing Papers Success and You are all safe, For those Following H.E Bugingo Don Patrick to take the petition please do.

YOU will face your Greatest Opposition when You are Closest to your Biggest Miracle.” ‪#‎Remain‬ Focused for the students’ Cause.

Written by Luyombya Godfrey, former Guild Prime Minister, Makerere university Business School. (MUBS)

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