A review of a good day to die hard- Movie

A review of  a good day to die hard- Movie
A Good Day To Die Hard
A Good Day To Die Hard

Perhaps it’s the optimist in us,‭ ‬but the last trailer we saw for the return of John McClane in A Good Day To Die Hard looked really quite promising.‭ ‬

Clearly,‭ ‬Die Hard‭ ‬5‭ ‬is about as far removed from the one man against some people in a building setup of the first film.‭ ‬This time,‭ ‬it’s John McClane and son,‭ ‬saving the entire world while sojourning Moscow.‭

There are lots of reasons to be wary,‭ ‬not least the decision to appoint John Moore to direct.‭ ‬Moore has his moments,‭ ‬but his finest film perhaps remains Behind Enemy Lines,‭ ‬and that in itself wasn’t too much to get excited about.‭ ‬His Max Payne movie still makes us shudder.

But then,‭ ‬Die Hard‭ ‬4.0‭ ‬turned out fine‭ (‬thought it’s best not to consider it a Die Hard movie‭)‬,‭ ‬and the appointment of Len Wiseman to direct that was widely questioned.‭ ‬Turns out,‭ ‬he did a decent job,‭ ‬and John Moore may yet surprise a few people.

Finally,‭ ‬there’s Bruce Willis,‭ ‬in his most iconic screen role.‭ ‬A Good Day To Die Hard firmly rests on his shoulders,‭ ‬and if he can deliver,‭ ‬then Valentine’s Day‭ ‬2013‭ – ‬for that’s when it’s out‭ – ‬might turn out to be really rather fun.

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