Allan Toniks Reveals His Relationship Status

Allan Toniks Reveals His Relationship Status

Singer also known as Allan Ampaire, is one of the most handsome artists that most ladies yearn to spend the rest of their lives with.

Little is known about his past and current love life, however, as he usually keeps his affairs out of the public eye.

While giving his opinion about relationship, Allan Toniks let the world know that he is in love with someone he chose not to name.

Toniks reasoned that he decided not to put his love affairs in the lime light on grounds that he has seen several relationships collapse due to lack of privacy.

His revelation is said to have left some of his female fans who crush on him heartbroken as they see no chance of hooking him up.

Toniks disclosed that when the right time comes for letting the world know about his plans of legalizing his relationship, he will share the details with his fans.

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