Artistes Ignore Alex Ndawula’s Burial

Artistes Ignore Alex Ndawula’s Burial

In the same spirit, when radio veteran Alex Ndawula passed on, over a month ago, it would not take too long until typical Ugandans moved on.

Shockingly, many of these were musicians, including those who made their mark during Ndawula’s peak time. It is quite absurd that for a DJ of Ndawula’s pedigree, no musician made time to travel to Kyamaganda village in Lwengo district for burial.

Capital FM presenter – Lucky Mbabazi, who also attended the burial, took to Twitter, saying, “No single artist came for Alex Ndawula’s funeral. Not even the mass at Capital FM or the one at Rubaga Cathedral,”

The same sentiments were shared by Vince Musisi, who claimed to have represented Swangz Avenue at the burial. However, the same Musisi was quick to defend  musicians who did not show up at the burial, saying, musicians have just gotten out of the lockdown, and as such, they could not travel to Lwengo because they had to attend concerts to continue making up for lost time, money during the lockdown.

Whether this was a mockery of those who did not show up or simply sarcastic, only Musisi and God know.

Still in their defence, however, one would argue that many of today’s musicians have no single clue on who Ndawula’s was. They are completely disconnected from the legend of the late, and so, they had no reason to go as far as attending his burial.

However, it was not only the musicians that did not honour Ndawula’s burial. A lot of radio personalities of his time, those who learned a thing a two about radio, and DJ’s did not show up. The picture portrayed would quickly force one to believe the tabloid rumours that Ndawula died a lonely, miserable man.

More attention was paid to the burial grounds of the late, with scores on social media lamenting about the unkempt home which looked bushy and not befitting of a notable person like Ndawula. However, it should remembered that Ndawula’s family had just acquired this place in Kyamaganda village, hence relocating there. Ndawula’s late father’s remains were also recently moved to this place.

Special thanks went to Capital FM staff, former staff, especially Val Oketcho, who have been with the late’s family from June 6 when Ndawula passed on.

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