Career: Survival tips for university students

Career: Survival tips for university students
Making reasonable friends at university is very important
Making reasonable friends at university is very important

Now that you are maturing in the sense that you are no longer living with your parents or family but remember that you have to be on your own in terms of budgeting for your finances, academics, movements, meals among others. Here are some of the few tips that could help you out during your time at campus however this does not mean that you will not face challenges at all.

Have a timetable:

With this tip, a student is expected to plan and balance his/her time in relation to activities that they do at university and in the hostel. More priority should be put on lectures, course works and group discussions to the student to perform better in academics.

Make friends:

As a student in the new life, make sure that you get and surround yourself a chain and circle of good friends at campus. Having great friends across all walks of life means that you will have a bigger family away from home. Get friends who are of vision and development oriented who are able to help you out in case of lack and shortage in terms of material and any other aid that you may need like advice. Also here you are supposed to stay in contact with your sponsor, next of kin and your family that they may give you any immediate assistance.

Start a small business.

Surviving financially may not be the easiest story to tell but the little money and hand outs that you have if well planned can generated a daily income. You don’t need billions of money b ut there are small scale income generating activities at campus that can put bread on your table. For instance, investing in a snacks project like chapattis, chips, etc . You may not do this yourself but get someone that you trust and they work for you.

Get a part time job:

Though jobs are very are not easy to find in the current world but like any other innovative and developmental student will not sit back and relax and wait to finish university in order to get a job or depend on handouts from the parents and relatives. Never look down at any opportunity because it could be your financial break through. Do anything that comes your way.

Stock enough food:

This may only apply to basically non-resident students. Any student planning to live in a private hostel other than the university hall, to be on the safer side should he/she buffer a lot of food like rice, flour, beans ,groundnuts paste and any other items which could be available as in fuel for cooking.

Develop a saving habit:

With this critical world of saving and investing, a student is expected to use his/her money sparingly by cutting on the expenses on the luxuries like outing ,buying expensive items like phones among others if you are not financially stable. You may save your money by borrowing to friends and they return it at an interest or you can form saving groups with your friend s at campus. Pay all the bills and fees in time to avoid inconveniences.

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