Caroline Marcah And Mc Kats In A bitter Fight

Caroline Marcah And Mc Kats In A bitter Fight

Media personality Edwin Katamba also known as Mc Kats and Caroline Marcah a former Bukedde TV presenter were embroiled in a bitter fight.

These two have been close friends for the past few years and were once rumored to be dating.

However, the once inseparable pair abruptly ceased hanging out together, leaving their fans perplexed, and wondering why.

Yesterday evening, a video clip portraying the two in a bitter fight made its way to social media, and it is thought it is the cause of their relationship hitting a dead end.

watch the video below

The onlookers were observed restraining the two parties in an effort to calm them down as the conflict required their assistance to end.

Although there are still scanty details on the reason behind their altercation, sources suggest that it took place a few months ago.

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