Scholarships at Cavendish University

There are three categories of scholarships at Cavendish University Uganda (CUU). The first one is for Ugandan students called Cavendish Academic-Excellence scholarship. To qualify for this, one needs 12 points and above, 3 principal passes and two letters of recommendation from the LC1 and the school that awarded one with a UACE certificate.

The second category is under Prof. Benjamin Mkapa, the chancellor and the former president of Tanzania.

The third category is awarded to South Sudan students. The scholarships cover 100% of the tuition and functional fees. The program is eligible to both first year students and and transfer students. The University offers top Ugandans students an opportunity to study for free. The program began in 2017.

A Scholarship Student of Cavendish University talking about the benefits of the program.

Cavendish University still upholds the standards of education in Uganda as the motto reads, ‘Success begins at Cavendish’

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