Chameleone's Wale Wale concert: 12 talking points

Chameleone's Wale Wale concert: 12 talking points
Wale Wale concert
Dr. Jose Chameleone

Dr. Jose Chameleone yet moved to cement his name as the best musical artist Uganda has ever had.  He held his much anticipated concert at Kyandodo Rugby Grounds to thousands of fans that filled the arena on Friday 1st May 2015.

Below is an analysis of how the event took place and the talking points of what is regarded as the concert of the year.

Jose will always be a full-house material: It’s not easy to consistently have full houses for concerts,  most musicians will testify. However for Jose Chameleone,  it seems as a routine as thousands of fans thronged the rugby grounds to witness the music doctor.

The fear that Chameleone will have a small audience because fellow musician,  King Saha was launching at Freedom City was not even felt.

Chameleone has reconciled with enemies: Denzel of Gagamel kept on praising Leone Island during his time on stage, Did he leave Gagamel???  Ears to the ground.

Dj Michael,  one who was involved in fights with Chameleone noted of how they are back together.
“United we stand, divided we fall, ” He observed.

Vamposs joined Chameleone on stage to assure the public that after four years of beef,  they are now one.

Chameleone is respected by fellow musicians: Nince Henry observed of how Chameleone is indisputable.
“Let’s give respect to Chameleone,  he married these grounds, ” said Henry.

Big Eye referred to Chameleone as his teacher.

Very many Ugandan artists including,  Nutty Nathan, Irene Ntale, Leila Kayondo,  Melody, Weasel,  Pallaso and celebrities graced the event.

Ziza Bafana steals show: When Ziza Bafana stepped on stage,  his intention was to assure the public of how he is the best Dancehall musician in Uganda.

Denzel and Dj Micheal,  who had performed earlier had all states of how they are the best in the industry.

Bafana worked the crowd with his Pomini hit. However what was more catching was his queen dancer whose twerking left MC Kats and the audience pocketing.

Bobi Wine still relevant but doesn’t know how to say a prayer: When he took it to the stage,  the crowd ran wild,  they sang along his Kiggwa Leero lyrics and Size Yo. His departure was felt by the crowds.

However,  he failed to say a prayer when pastor Bugembe asked him to pray to God over the rampant deaths of celebrities in the country.

Pastor Bugembe prays for celebrities,  no more death: Even when fellow pastors attack him for associating with musicians,  Pastor Bugembe seems to enjoy it.

He stormed the stage to fulfill a request by Chameleone to pray for the nation and especially celebrities over the increased deaths.  Bugembe prayed together with some musicians and the crowd.

Ragga Dee still commands respect: Bobi Wine,  Pastor Bugembe and Chameleone all,  during their time on stage noted of how Ragga Dee was the grandfather of Uganda’s music.

Chameleone’s children will be better than dad: Chameleone’s Abba and Marcus worked out the crowd before their dad performed. The crowd was all bemused of what the young boys could do.

AK47 honored: During his break,  Chameleone took time to showcase the late’s final projects.  He even sang his tribute song. The crowd and him observed a moment of silence.

Chameleone is a genius: Stepping of state at 10:30 pm Chameleone worked out the crowd for close to 2 hours. He sang along with the crowd his oldest to newest jam. He only had a single break and looked to be lively throughout his performance,  Chameleone closed the show at 12am in adherence to the KCCA rules that don’t allow any out door event to exceed midnight.

Chameleone threatens to relocate to Kenya,  blames media: Chameleone attacked the media over what he referred to as unfair reporting. He noted that if the media continues being jealous of him, he shall relocate and base in Kenya.

Balaam, Silk Events and Uganda Police organised a successful event: The security at the event was outstanding regardless of the few arrests made.  The arrested were mainly alleged to be pick pocketers.

Watch DR Jose Chameleone’s Wale Wale video below:

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