Chameleone’s wife Daniela Blames her Mother-in-Law for Weasel’s bad Behaviors towards Women

Chameleone’s wife Daniela Blames her Mother-in-Law for Weasel’s bad Behaviors towards Women

Daniella Atim Mayanja, the wife to Jose Chameleone has blamed her mother-in-law for impacting negatively her sons’ behaviours towards women.

This she said in the wake of a scenario where Chameleone’s younger brother Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel allegedly abused his girlfriend, Sandra Teta.

Last week, photos showing a bruised Sandra Teta went viral alleging that she had been abused by her boyfriend Weasel. However, Sandra would later come out and claim she was not beaten but she had got injured after an encounter with thugs.

Daniella on her part insisted that she had had a conversation with Sandra and she confessed to being beaten. She called upon Sandra to stand up and demand justice, while she also called upon her husband Jose Chameleone not to side with Weasel.

Over the weekend, Daniella shared  pictures of Sandra’s head with stitches, calling upon Weasel and Chameloene’s mother to come to Sandra’s rescue and stop blaming women for being beaten.

“Dear mother-in-law, you and I know this is Sandra’s head after stitches. This one time she had the courage and reported to the police with the encouragement of her friends. But you mama talked her out of it, you talked her out of it and told her she can not do that to the father of her kids,” Daniella says.

“You see when we love your boys, we become your children too and we yearn that you protect us equally as you protect your boys, we hope that you can have honest conversations with you boys,” she adds.

Daniella accuses the mother-in-law of exonerating her children from any wrongdoing and instead accuses their wives of not understanding how to handle them.

She says the mother-in-law insists that the wives of her children should learn that they are dealing with Uganda’s celebrities.

“Dear mama, this doesn’t bring any practical solutions, it only empowers them to keep up what they do because in your eyes it is always a woman’s fault. “She must have provoked him etc etc” you always say,” Daniella says.

“Dear mama, the time is now, take back your position as a parent and start doing the work, we have the most impact on our children, a duty entrusted to us by God,” she adds.

Daniella vows not to relent as she will continue “panel beating them from this side.”

Recently, Chameleone came out to comment on the matter, urging that the public should respect Weasel and Sandra’s decision.

Chameleone argued that if Sandra insists, that she was beaten by thugs, then that should be respected.

Rwanda’s high commissioner to Uganda, Joseph Rutabana has said they are following up on allegations that Rwandan socialite Sandra Teta was brutally beaten up by her boyfriend Douglas Mayanja alias Weasel.

Rutabana disclosed that they have talked to Teta regarding the allegations.

He added that the socialite’s parents are in the country to check on her.

“We are closely following up on the case! Her parents are here, they have been meeting and talking with her, and we have also seen her and talked to her. That’s all I can tell you for the moment,” Rutabana told Rwandan media.

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