Over 800 people have been resettled and offered capacity building to create their own jobs by the Humanitarian Assistance for Development service in the regions of Tororo and Kampala.

According to Ms. Mariam Kivumbi the Executive Director HADS Uganda, ” this is a calling especially through the whistleblowers like Police and other well wishers who report crime cases to authorities and also reach out in search for emergency assistance for vulnerable people like the lame, single mothers, jobless women, girls and survivors of Human trafficking.” She said on Tuesday in kampala.

However, she told journalists that there is need to have more and guarded protection homes especially for survivors of Human trafficking because the people engaged in the Human trafficking are highly rich and positioned people in the government who can have access to some protection homes.


In kampala alone there are more than 100 groups of beneficiaries yet in tororo are more than 200 groups of people, these combine of 20 to 30 people therefore it is easy for HADS to give collective support with help from UNDP, she described.

Kanyike Kenneth Henry LC1 ntinda Minister’s village has urged community members to always get involved in such capacity building activities from which they can earn a living.

He included that women need to be empowered more as one way to minimize violence in homes, however as the authorities, development programs are highly welcomed and pledge to continue supporting them.

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