Could It Be A Move For Harmonize

Could It Be A Move For Harmonize

Tanzanian singer Rajab Abdul Kahali aka Harmonize has proposed to his girlfriend, actress Frida Kajala.

Harmonize went down on one knee at an event he had organized and invited a few of their close friends.

While giving a speech about his love for Kajala, the singer said that the two have been friends for over seven years.

“We’ve been friends for almost seven years. I don’t think any of you know this….” Harmonize stated.

In his emotional speech, Harmonize narrated how Kajala took him in when he was going through a very difficult phase of his life.

He revealed that he did not have a house to stay in, but Kajala covered his shame and kept it a secret.

“You’ve been there for me in a lot of things that I cannot explain right now.  There was a time I was experiencing a hard time and you even took me in, to live in your house and it’s recent. I didn’t have a house or even a place to sleep in.

According to him, Kajala’s selfless love towards him is what has drawn him closer to her.

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