Dealing With Rejection

Dealing With Rejection

Rejection is one  bitter pill to swallow in life but it shouldn’t break your self-esteem or damage your pride because it could have been worse! Attraction to the opposite sex is a very emotional situation that we undergo in our lifetime and once the person you approach isn’t interested in you, it really breaks you down to the marrow. 


The way you carry yourself after you have have been rejected clearly defines your personality as a human being in dealing with the situations which are of delicate nature. Students should receive prior advice on such occurrences because some resort to violence or even taking narcotic drugs to come to terms with the situation. Dr. Carmen Harra a clinical psychologist states that rejection comes as one of the most brutal stakes to the heart because it deals a direct blow to our ego.

Parents and mentors have an integral role to help their children go through such complicated phases of their lives since they have undergone this phase and can offer the best guidance to their kids to help them from going overboard.

Mom advising her son on relationship struggles
Mom advising her son on relationship struggles

In the adolescent stage of life many teenagers are sexually very hyper and ready to let their feelings be known to the opposite sex though you can’t be successful all the time. There is absolutely nothing to be ashamed of when you have been turned down by a girl. 

Many people are often left to deal with such a complex issue on their own and fall into a state of depression making them more lonely and feel like society hates them. Some expert advice on this issue is given to help harness the issue.

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