How to fight depression

How to fight depression

Currently, many Ugandans are fighting depression at different levels. To some its because of high commodity prices, post covid struggles among others.  Depression causes fatigue, loss of energy and when not addressed early, could lead to suicidal thoughts.

Here are tips on how to fight depression. 

Be thankful for the good things in your life

Depression is sometimes caused by a collection of negative thoughts. Always assess your life and see the good things you have. As you work on the shattered bits, be thankful for the good things you have.  Remember that no situation is permanent, things will change with time.


Many people isolate themselves when depressed. This could led one into falling in severe depression as they aren’t sharing their problems. Socialising is one of the key factors to fighting depression. It helps you share what’s bothering you with others hence finding solutions. You could also find people going through the same experience hence coming up with collective solutions.

Its always advisable to have someone you can confide in in case of a challenge.

Do something you enjoy

According to  you should do something you enjoy.

Try to push back and do something you love — something that’s relaxing, but energizing. It could be playing an instrument, painting, hiking, or biking.

These activities can provide subtle lifts in your mood and energy, which may help you overcome your symptoms.


We all know that with God everything is possible. Pray to God and ask him to change your situation. With constant prayer and belief, your situation will definitely change.

Watch video below to learn more on how to fight depression

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