Degree course Guide for Computer science and IT

Degree course Guide for Computer science and IT
Computer science and IT is the study of the design, exploitation and technology surrounding computing – It includes information systems, software engineering, programming and artificial intelligence.

Course duration of a degree in computer science and IT

The standard degree takes 3 years.

Key subjects needed: All subjects offered in high school can qualify you to do a course in computer science and IT at a university. However Maths and Physics subjects are more preferred and emphasized by some institutions.

Course content/ outline;

Most computing courses tend to focus on software engineering. Things like database design, network systems, computer hardware, the internet. But there are other options in this field, such as artificial intelligence, cybernetics, and multimedia and games design, and apps design.

Taking a computer science course will mean you will be studying a subject at the very forefront of technology and innovation. Computers are everywhere, and the demand to make them smaller, work more quickly, and be fitted with new and exciting software has never been greater.

You will be expected to be good at maths and an interest in physics would also help, as most of the theory will touch on both subjects.

Courses should have a heavy practical emphasis, so you’ll learn how the professionals do things, and probably be taught by some of them. You should also get plenty of group work experience.

Some universities are encouraging students to develop and market their own ideas, this has enabled a number of students to do some freelance work while st sill at campus.

What skills are gained?
The practical nature of Computer science and IT courses means that you will know how to solve technology problems.

  • You will learn how to analyse information and how to put the theory, often about large and complex systems, into practice.
  • You should graduate equipped with the professional and interpersonal skills needed to work in the industry. You should develop teamwork, project-management skills and commercial awareness, as well as critical-thinking skills.
  • Perhaps, most important, you will have gained a good insight into a specialised field. Although the majority of people own or use computers, building and maintaining them requires skilled individuals.

Career prospects  and Job opportunities for graduates of Computer science and IT
Graduates can be employed by NGOs, private and government sectors in technical fields, such as computer operations, computer systems sales and service, programming, software development, software engineering, or find work as analysts and programme writers. Graduates can also become their own bosses by creating their own businesses.

You can watch this video on “Introduction to Computer Science and Programming”

Universities that teach Computer Science and IT Courses in Uganda

The course is on high demand and because of this, many institutions both private and public are offering courses in Computer Science and IT. These include: Makerere university, Ndejje University, Uganda Christian University, Busitema University, Nkumba University, Uganda Martyrs University, Bugema University, Mbarara university of Science and Technology, UTAMU and so many other institutions in Uganda.

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