Deputy Director Job at Kampala International University (KIU)

vacancy: Deputy Director

Department : Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and innovations (CoEEI).

Organisation: Kampala International University (KIU)

work station: Kampala,Uganda

Job Details;

Kampala International University (KIU) is the leading Private University in Uganda, second best in the East African region. As part of its strategy to advance entrepreneurship and innovations, and harness creative and interventional research, the University seeks to recruit a Deputy Director to steer its newly established Centre of Excellence in Entrepreneurship and innovations (CoEEI).

The CoEEI shall coordinate among others: strategic planning for institutional research as per the University Research Agenda; and evaluate and expand University research, entrepreneurship and innovation

The CoEEI will among other activities:

  1. Be an Innovation and entrepreneurship regional centre of excellence that will accelerate economic production in Uganda as well as the East Africa region.
  2. Will feature a science, engineering and technology academic incubator.
  3. Will stimulate and assist innovators in both the translational research process as well as commercialization strategies for local, national, regional and international markets.
  4. Serve as a center for knowledge creation by academic, entrepreneurs, industry and other stakeholders
  5. directorate-of-higher-degrees-and-research-invites-the-kiu-community-to-a-capacity-building-training-on-research-supervisions

The University seeks to recruit a highly skilled, competent, professional and experienced individual to fill the position of Deputy  Director of the Center.
The Deputy Director will among others perform the following functions assist  the Director of the CoEEI to:

  1. Establish entrepreneurship and innovation targets across the different University schools/colleges/faculties.
  2. Establish and develop a budget and the funding strategy.
  3. Identify and initiate partnerships at national, regional and international levels.
  4. Develop and implement a periodic Centre for technology transfer.
  5. Mentor academics for the purpose of commercialization of novel products and services.
  6. Advise Management on the strategic direction of the Centre.
  7. Guide the design and development of training programmes aimed at promoting a broad understanding of the importance of research commercialization.
  8. Build institutional and personal relationships with vendors, startups, external researchers, etc., to assess, conceptualize, build, and test product experiments quickly and efficiently.

Prerequisite Qualifications, skills and experience. The suitable candidate must:

  1. Be a PhD holder in science and technology disciplines.
  2. Have a minimum working experience in a similar or related position in a recognized teaching and/or research educational institution or reputable organization or institution.
  3. Have good communication and interpersonal skills, and be a highly organized, detail-oriented and self-motivated/driven individual.
  4. Have capacity to work with minimum supervision and is highly effective and efficient.
  5. Possess capacity and ability to train and mentor staff across the University in entrepreneurship and innovations.
  6. Have ability to work under pressure, with diverse teams and on demand time delivery of results.

Interested candidates can apply by submitting an updated CV, copies of academic documents, and a personal statement justifying why they are a preferred canidate for the position. Email: or

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