Dining at campus truly fits college lifestyle

By Viola Sanyu
HOUSING: Aside from convenience to classes, the library and university event on campus, housing gives students the chance to meet others and participate in school sponsored activities. All rooms are hooked up with cable TV, high speed internet and voice mail.

FOOD: When it comes to food, the dining options on campus truly fit the college lifestyle. Whether you are grabbing a cup of coffee on the way to class or eating a slice of pizza during night study session no one cares.

ATHLETICS: For the case of athletics more than 3600 students participate in the university’s varsity sports, club teams and intramural league.

ARTS $ CULTURE: When it comes to Arts$Culture, tap dance groups and hip hop troupes, the international theatre group, visual arts, readings from poets and fiction writers.
The list goes on and on whatever art you are in to, you will find it a Rochester.

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