Makerere Department of Journalism and Communication Organises Training for Fourth Year Journalism students

Makerere university department of Journalism and Communication in conjunction with Ultimate Media Consult conducted a one week multimedia training for fourth year students majoring in Journalism.

The training aimed at helping students to learn how multimedia and online platforms work, how to create, host and advertise on the web, social media management and to enable students tell their stories in all the multimedia formats.

The change of media from traditional to new has left a lot to be desired, journalism students ought to produce content  that can be consumed on phones, tablets and computers. Students are advised to go digital by using their gadgets to explore and communicate.

The media industry considers very innovative and research based stories, journalism students should  be creative, brilliant and ready to work in hard times coupled with a strong sense of the ethical code of conduct. The media personnel encourage upcoming journalists to make good use of the new media in producing worthwhile stories for  publication.

From the training, students have learnt to incorporate many tools in one story considering all the multimedia formats.

The training was so beneficial to year four journalism students, they were able to tell stories in all multimedia formats, create, advertise and design websites, they have been introduced to both online and offline soft wares to ease the work of editing and so on as they consider multimedia story telling key.



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