DLDWomen12 is offering scholarships to 100 female students

Women can apply for HP scholarships at the University of the People

The HP Women’s Scholarship Fund, unveiled at DLDWomen12, offers two-year scholarships to 100 female students at University of the People (UoPeople) enabling them to study towards an Associate degree in a program of their choice.

 Students who are awarded a scholarship also have access to mentoring support from HP employees.

These HP mentors provide UoPeople students with invaluable guidance and support, enriching their academic learning experience and playing a pivotal role in preparing them for employment after graduation. The mentors are an integral part of the support students receive in this program.

Accepted female applicants are encouraged to apply for the HP Scholarship & Mentoring program during the Confirmation of Admission process, before beginning their studies with UoPeople. 

 We are proud to be working with HP to provide this great opportunity for our female students.

 Watch HP’s video to see how this scholarship is having a positive impact on one woman’s life.

Follow this link on how to apply for the scholarship.http://www.uopeople.org

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