Earn while at campus

By Zuurah Karungi

Living on a tight budget at campus can be a bit hectic as there are a lot of demands and parents may not provide everything you need. On top of that, you need something to do besides your school work to keep busy and get some skills in various fields. Here are a few things you can do to earn a living at the university.


Universities have so many business opportunities and customers who will to take up your goods or services. Jane kahunde a social science graduate at Makerere University started making liquid soap in year two. “I started by selling to my immediate friends, classmates , hostel mates and the market kept growing as one person recommended me to another, by the time the year ended, a business I started with Ughs 100,000 had grown to 1m shillings,” she says.

Besides liquid soap, there are a lot of businesses you can do, these include, cleaning services, selling airtime (easy load), mobile money, selling food like honey, g nuts paste, among others.

Kahunde advises that you don’t need to spend all the money in luxuries things as you need to grow your business. She always spends 10 per cent of her total earnings and re invests the rest.

you can start a business( picture of a woman making liquid soap)


So many schools need assistant teachers, if you are a kind who knows how to talk/ explain concepts, this could be a great field to venture in. not only will you make money but also gain skills and confidence.

If you have computer, designing and other skills, you actually offer them at a fee.

you can teach

Write for websites and newspapers

Newspapers and websites are a mushrooming business here will pay you for any good story, there are so many topics to write about, from celebrity gossip, environment, human interest, style, fashion and design, education, technology among others. All you need is a smart phone and data to get rolling. Writing will improve your writing skills as well as earn you some cash.

Alternatively you can be your own boss by starting your own blog or website, feed it with good stories and look for people to advertise with you.

you can write for logs and newspapers

Course works

Peter kagayi a student at Makerere University Business School makes money from doing course for classmates. He charges Ughs 10,000- 20,000 depending on the kind of course work.

He says some students are lazy, while others are too busy to do their course works and these are willing to pay any amount of money to have you do it for them.

“You have to be very intelligent as the work has to be correct and different from each other, you also have to be truthful, if someone has given you their money, you have to deliver their work,” he says.


Almost all companies in Uganda need marketing agents and recruitment doesn’t need experience. If you have marketing skills, you could consider this option. Employers are willing to give you a percentage from every client you bring.

Kagayi has also done marketing on several occasions and he says besides the money, the job exposes you to potential employers and gives you marketing skills a trait that everyone wants.

you can do marketing

below is a video showing you how to start your website.

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