Faith Of Unity Celebrates 43 Years Since Owobusobozi Bisaka Healed The First Person

Faith Of Unity Celebrates 43 Years Since Owobusobozi Bisaka Healed The First Person

Followers of the faith of unity are marking 43 years since Owobusobozi Bisaka healed the first person by touch on 22nd February 1980. This day also marked the start of faith of unity religion.

The first person was a young woman who was suffering from severe and debilitating feverish conditions associated with malaria.

According to Omukwenda Munyaneza, the overseer for the followers (Abaikiriza) of the faith of unity in Bugangaizi West constituency Kakumiro district, the day is celebrated on 22 February every year.

The Faith of Unity congregation prays every 2nd, 12th and 22nd day of the month. For the rest of the days, each follower develops a list of good things they hope for daily

The group does not believe in the Bible, calling it divisive but use ‘the book of the Faith of Unity’ authored by Owobusobozi and spells out cleaning courtyards, grazing animals, washing, hunting, donating, smiling at friends and praying to God as deeds that can give one eternal life.

For decades since the formation of Faith of Unity, Bisaka has gathered a large following and he is explicitly believed by followers (Abaikiriza) to be God.

The Bisaka believers holding their book of the teachings

His sacred duty is to fight Satan and unify humankind through preaching unity, using healing to draw people together and capture their attention resulting in people bringing many sick people to him to be healed by physically touching them

Politicians like President Museveni, Members of parliament, chairpersons of local government praises Bisaka for promoting unity, development using “little African resources and doesn’t rely on foreign aid”..

Bisaka was born on 11 June 1930 in Kitoma-Kiboizi village in Buyanja county, Kibaale district in Western Uganda and died on january, 24th, 2021 and was buried at his healing centre Kapyemi Muhooro sub county Kagadi district

His parents were Petero Byombi and Agnes Kabaoora. Both of them were staunch members of Bujuni Catholic parish in Kagadi District. Bisaka spent little time with his parents as he lived and grew up with his grandparents from the age of eight years. His father was a catholic catechist as was his grandfather, Alifonsio Wenkere, who was a pioneer convert at Bujuni Catholic parish.

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