GADGETS: What you need to know about Computer Viruses

GADGETS: What you need to know about Computer Viruses
Computer Viruses
Computer Viruses

The very fun topic every computer beginner wants to know, right? Okay, let’s crack it by first knowing what a computer virus is.

Contrary to what most beginners think, that viruses arise just out of nowhere, computer viruses are actually programs which are written and distributed over storage media and networks so as to infect computers.

The interesting bit is that the very people who make viruses are the ones who make the antiviruses!
What viruses can do, can only be determined by the code behind the virus.

There are those that are harmless, and those that are very dangerous to the extent that they can destroy even hardware pieces.

Imagine a virus which detects sound output and increases system volume by 100% at once, can’t that destroy the speakers through that shock? There are those that delete everything in your computer or just corrupt them.

Dealing with viruses begins from the moment you get that computer. The initial thing is to install an antivirus before you start using the computer.

One of the best things to do is to constantly back up your data files into external storage media such that in case of a virus infection, you can restore the clean copies from those external storage media.

There are quite different kinds of viruses, depending on what they do… some affect the boot sector of the O.S and are known as boot sector viruses, they will prevent your computer from starting up completely.

File viruses are another type, these infect the files may delete or just corrupts the file and it fails to open… or opens as something else.

You should note that viruses are spread mainly from the internet, and storage devices… so it’s high time you started restricting people from inserting their flash disks into your computers.

Written By Bongomin Bezy Chris

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