Meet Uganda Christian University's Grace William Othwon – Miss Grand South Sudan

Meet Uganda Christian University's Grace William Othwon – Miss Grand South Sudan
Miss Grand South Sudan, Grace William Othwon
Miss Grand South Sudan, Grace William Othwon

Grace William Othwon is simple but exposed and achieved lady,she is the current miss grand for South Sudan. Grace is studying a law course at Uganda Christian University.

Prof duck had a talk with the soft spoken, elegant and composed lady who has a passion for the needy.

How do you balance books and your role as Miss Grand South Sudan.

I know most girls dream of becoming Miss something but for me; its my books first and the other things follow. Yes I chose books over the titles because being a celebrity without being learned is also a problem. Education is key to success.

Many guys say you are loaded and very easy with your money, is it true? I don’t trust Ugandan men, they will say all sorts of things to get your attention and also make up lots of stories. I don’t like it when people think I have money because many students come and request for help; but when I give them some little money, they think I’m mean yet sometimes I also don’t have; I run broke like any other student.

Some of the participants of Miss Grand South Sudan.
Some of the participants of Miss Grand South Sudan.

Are you in a relationship? Yes, am hooked up, my special one is currently away doing a masters degree in the UK. Sorry for those with intentions of proposing…… It’s too late.

What are you currently working on: A lot of my efforts are put on books and achieving good grades. But my daddy and I are also building an orphanage in South Sudan to help children and widows who were affected by the war. I don’t ask for payment, I love volunteering and helping the disadvantaged in a community.

 You seem to be a lady of success, what are some of your achievements? Having been able to visit schools and shared experience with orphans and disadvantaged children is my number one achievement.

Worst moment in life: Trust me if I tell you this, you will never believe, I have never gotten a low point in life, I really thank God.

HIV/Aids is killing many people in Uganda and Africa, what do you say about this? In Uganda some people can at least protect themselves by using condoms because they can access information,  but in South Sudan people rarely use condoms and many have the virus. But the most important aspect is knowing your partner’s status.

Miss Grand South Sudan with her father, Dr.William Othwonh Awer.
Miss Grand South Sudan with her father, Dr.William Othwonh Awer.

Who inspires you most? My father Dr.William Othwonh Awer inspires me a lot because he is an intelligent lawyer and a very hard working member of parliament; who loves his country.

He never gives up in life and he advises me never to give up on education and believing in the almighty God for his providence. Lastly my daddy has provided for me every little thing that I have wanted in this life to the extent that I have never experienced poverty or been needy.

Which schools did you go too? I attended schools in Northern Sudan.

South Sudan is at war all the time, what’s your view about the situation? There is relative peace now in South Sudan, but in any new country, struggles are inevitable. However, I believe South Sudan will normalize with time.

Hobbies; dancing,modeling and playing with Kids.

Last word; This is my last semester at Uganda Christian University (UCU), I will be heading to Canada soon, but I call upon youth to abstain or use a condom while making love and also take HIV tests or know the partner’s status to stay safe.

Story by Prof. Duck


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