Golola Moses knocks out Wathaporn Kamunstorn in style

Uganda’s outspoken and celebrated kick boxer Moses Golola lived up to trademark hype when he knocked out Thailand national, Wathaporn Kamunstorn in 50 seconds at the Kati Kati gardens in Kampala to win the World Kickboxing Federation (K1) middleweight title.

Golola Mose during the fight at Kati Kati in Kampala
Golola Mose during the fight at Kati Kati in Kampala

The kicking boxing fight had been highly anticipated and the turn up was good to cheer up Golola ‘of Uganda’  in action.

Golola did not disappoint when he hit Wathaporn with his left punch to knock the Thailand fighter out. Wathaporn did not put up a show we had hoped for only managing a straight kick before he was knocked out.

Golola lived up to the promise he had made to his fans of destroying Watharporn very fast  like what he had  done to Titus Tugume, whom he knocked out  in one minute.

Golola said he ‘wasn’t paid for overtime’.

Wathaporn was hit and he fell down unconscious on the canvas for about to 10 minutes before the first aid team came to his rescue.

He was later taken to Lisa Medical Hospital, Mengo, in an ambulance for examination.

Golola who was jubilating about the win  saying “I thank God for this victory,”

He continued “Like David vs. Goliath, the person with the best weapon always wins. I did not go to Mabira for anything.”

The win took Golola’s record to 26 fights, 20wins (15knock outs) and 6 losses.

Some of the fans left Kati Kati in displeasure hoping Golola’s victory was match fixed.

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