Herbert Shonga Dumps Singer Shasha Brighhton

Herbert Shonga Dumps Singer Shasha Brighhton

An audio going viral on social media of singer Sasha Brighton crying for help as she narrates how her life and career have been buried alive.

In this audio, Sasha is heard saying that after giving birth, the father of the child who had promised her heaven on earth, stopped her from singing, which was her source of livelihood.

They were together for almost two years and have a nine-month-old baby.

On receiving the bad news, Herbert Shonga, who once managed Sasha from bed to studio, spent close to a day trying to reach out to her to find a solution to some of her pending problems in vain.

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“I want to send her some rent so that she is not thrown out of the house with the baby. She is my close friend. I can’t hear that she is crying and refuse to bail her out,” said Shonga.

“We dated for some time, but her close friends made us part ways,” Shonga further explained, adding: “One of her close friends led her into these problems after getting her a rich sports or music promoter who I believe is responsible for the nine-month-old baby and has run away from her.”

Herbert was married to his Zimbabwean wife Dorothy and they had three children.

However, the two divorced in 2020 and moved on as business partners.

On her part, Dorothy urged women to tread carefully when conceiving.

“Word of advice! If you have not yet conceived now, when ready, do it with a responsible person,” she posted on social media.

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