How I fell in love with my lecturer

When I joined campus two years ago, little did I know that I would ever fall in love with my lecturer, 22 year old Jane narrates her ordeal.

Campus Students demonstrating in a play how lecturers are forced to fall in love with their students because of the way students dress.

I was too green about relationship issues having spent most of my early child hood education in single schools.

During my first days at campus, I used to listen to stories concerning lecturers moving out with their students from my old friends who had joined campus earlier. I wondered how this could happen, and how one could attend a lecture being taught by that lecturer whom you spent a night with in the same bed.

I kept on asking myself such and many more questions. But no one could provide answers to my queries not until I also fell into the same love basket. It was so strange to me. I imagined how this would sound to my fellow classmate in case they found out that I was moving out with the lecturer, whom all students accorded respect, just as one would to his/her parent.

I thought of cutting lectures, but still this could not work out because my classmates were going to start wondering why I miss lectures of this particular lecturer. I tried as hard as I could so as not to let the rat out of the bag. But as you may all know, it’s very hard to keep a secret in today’s civilized society.

Time came when my fellow classmates started sensing something. But by the time they came to know of our relationship, I was ready for any outcome because our intimacy had matured and wouldn’t mind counting myself among the lucky few students to be associated with the lecturer.

However, Jane’s true life experience is not the only one; many students have fallen victims only that not many of them can reveal. Most students when asked if they would date their lecturers, many said that would be fine since

they are all human beings with feelings. “I will be proud of dating my lecturer but will keep it secret because my classmates will know how I pass course work”, a student told The Campus Times.

Besides the benefits that come with this kind of affair, one wonders what would happen if the relationship breaks. What will things be like for you on campus?

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