It takes a second to deeply fall in love

It takes a second to deeply fall in love
Campus love birds: It takes a second to fall in love.
Campus love birds: It takes a second to fall in love.

It was one evening when I was heading home from work. On my way to the tax park, I spotted a small lady who caught my attention.

She was walking like there was no hell and heaven and dressed like a newlywed groom.  All my eyes were uhmaaa….To tell you the truth; I lost the sense of direction and I was almost knocked by a taxi.

To my humble prayer, the lady entered in the same taxi I was also supposed to board.  I could not believe we were all heading to the same area. I hurried and also entered the same tax and sat next to her.

But starting up a targeted meaningful conversation was not an easy task because she looked to be a tough lady, tougher than an accountant from Teffe Bank.

Luckily enough I saw her holding a phone and she was busy Book facing. Yes; face booking. This gave me confidence that she was a lady of the dot com era.

At this point I started introducing myself to her. I asked her to send me a friend request on face book, though my phone was off at that time, still she sent me a friend request at least for some serious business.

Surprisingly this lady from nowhere started chatting with me like we had ever met somewhere.  I could not believe it because the way I met her, no one could believe that at some point she could be turn out to be my best friend.

And when I was about to get out of the taxi, we exchanged contacts. Shockingly, no sooner had I gotten out of the taxi than she called. “Thank you for being a good friend”, she said to me over a phone.

Oh my God I could not believe it but I was so happy. This was a step further to my dream wish. Surely “…..If wishes were horses…..I could fly that night……..”,

After like a week, I started paying several visits to her. Unfortunately, she was still staying with her parents but that did not stop because the love puzzle had been put right. I had fallen in love with the Queen.

But there is one stupid thing we did and that was sex under the roof of the girl’s parent’s home. Up today I still regret because that was not the right place nor was it the right time.

 After realizing I had done a childish mistake, I requested the girl to be visiting me instead or else to go to her place when there were at least some people around and not her alone.

 The lady accepted my request and she began coming to my place. Even my neighbours now know her as my beloved “sister”.  We are still dating and up to now we are an item. I thank God I met her because she is so loving and caring.

I’m looking forward to a common seal which will be a wedding. For sure falling in love does not take a second

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